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Here it is:

– Some player was complaining that his head hurts from playing WoT: according to Storm, image quality and FPS do not influence that;
– Storm is not aware whether World of Tanks currently has linear penetration and damage distribution or not (something like that was discussed in 8.6 or so);
– Storm is seriously annoyed by the massive amount of whine (including obscenities) due to the changes in the marathon vehicle compensation (credits instead of gold);
– Storm has no power over such decisions as the marathon compensation;
– Patchnotes of 0.9.10 will be updated to include the Province removal;
– Storm on Province: “To say it straight: the map is shit”;
– There is a bug in the tank carousel in 9.10 (the carousel is forgetting previous settings or something like that), this bug was not fixed from test because it had low priority;
– Around a hundred bugs were fixed based on 9.10 testing;
– WG is actively fighting bots;
– The Russian community managers are still kinda confused and in recent stream announced Chieftain Mk.5 – in fact it’s Mk.6, they also announced a Polish branch (they meant Czechs);
– The upcoming maps are Studyanki (the Polish map) and Škoda Plant in Pilsen;
– Although the fun modes are not the mainstay of WoT, there will be more added in time and some new Flash-based games too;
– The amount of shells left in your rack does NOT influence the chance of ammo rack explosion;
– It was not a mistake to implement tier 10 medium tanks and TDs;
– Developers are considering rebalancing all classes in the game to include special bonuses and abilities for each class like they have in Armored Warfare.

And to end, the type of things you encounter when browsing the RU WoT community:

They need…

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