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Here it is:

– Developers could technically add pretty small object destruction based on Havok (like fences, smaller objects as such, not buildings), but the problem is that after the introduction of this feature, people would immediately whine that buildings are not destructible. That is why the developers want to introduce the realistic destruction all at once;
– Its possible that we won’t have to wait too long for multicore support but there is no clear ETA yet;
– The modding system in WoT is too clunky – is that a problem? Storm: “We are not dealing with that. We are currently overloaded a lot by the development of new features, we don’t have time for that :(“;
– It was not yet decided whether the players will be able to hide their statistics;
– The dynamic UI resize is apparently not working on the 9.7 test, it will be fixed;
– Roaming was basically shelved indefinitely;
– Regarding the second heavy tank French heavy tank, it doesn’t look very well, the developers have not yet decided whether it’s something the game needs as the candidates for it all have paper armor;
– Same goes for potential Soviet “Waffentrager” line (SU-152P and such, ending with SU-152 “Taran”) – powerful guns and no armor are perhaps not what the game needs;
– Regarding the implementation of modern tanks in WoT, Storm states that better solution would be to make an entirely separate project with different mechanics (ATGM and such);
– Tetrarch’s gun was not nerfed;
– Artillery fire support before the battle starts on some maps will remain (RG: Pitty);
– The blocking of the “Windows” key (that minimizes the game) will be implemented the same way it is in WoWp now;
– Font size in hangar will be made bigger;
– Spall liner does not work like additional armor layer;
– Fury and Hellcat transmission will be reworked in order not to burn (when it’s done it’s done);
– Erlenberg assault mode is okay statistically – there is a difference, but it’s less than 5 percent, so for now it will not be reworked;
– No individual mission related plans to matchmaker are planned;
– The Jagdmaus was considered but the developers forgot about it;
– Storm confirms that there are plans for some new random modes;
– Battles with a single tier 10 on each side and the rest of the team consisting of tier 8’s only are not a bug according to Storm, they can happen.

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