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Dietolog (former Wargaming community manager) posted yet another part of his exposition. It’s more Russian-centered and translating it makes no sense, but basically he confirms the existence of a WG community manager team that calls itself STF (“Special Troll Forces”), who frequent notable Russian sites (at least they used to). In the second part, Dietolog lists a number of “coincidences” where for example anti-Gaijin hate blogs appeared at the same time, use the same hosting etc. – worth reading if you know the RU community background.


The Wargaming part of the story is that Dietolog was indeed a community manager and fired for incompetence.

– T95 icon size will be fixed;
– There is a list of unpopular maps that might be removed from the game, but it’s still in flux and is changing all the time. Prokhorovka and Malinovka are not on it;
– “There are plans” to do “something” with artillery;
– WG is aware of hateful idiots who teamkill artillery players. It is not clear for now what will be done about them;
– Developers will not introduce the “armor quality” as a balance parameter to balance the game better (for example giving “better quality” armor to light tanks so they survive more), it would be too unrealistic
– Q: “Will the Polish tanks appear until the introduction of the EU branch?” A: “No”;
– Rudy tank crew nationality will be Polish (the crew however will have names from the TV series and yes, there might be a dog);
– Chinese HD models have low priority because: “we have other priorities”;
– HD King Tiger will not be made using photogrammetry, but via the “usual” methods;
– Artillery will not be removed from the game;
– Being a WG developer does not mean you have access to press accounts;
– Q: “About the new acuraccy, my butt hurts so much it spits flames and burns the chair beneath me, can you advise me what to do?” A: “You can play while sitting on a block of concrete” (RG: Or… search for a doctor?)
– This year will bring “many various changes in balance”;
– Maus is by far not the worst tier 10;
– The decision to replace FV215b with Chieftain is final;
– No current plans to introduce tank biathlon fun mode;
– Developers will not be adding track links hanging on the hull and turret to every tank, especially not the HD E-100 and Maus;
– The fate (rework) of HE shells is not decided yet;
– Statistically, the accuracy nerf in 9.6 turned out okay and currently accuracy is fine;
– Alternative hulls will come, but not soon and most likely only for real tanks (not prototypes and paper projects);
– US server tested in 2014 the automatic premium tank recovery feature. There was apparently some issue with it – Storm states that he wants to have it on RU as well but it is not sure when.
– There are no plans to display the penetration value of every shell impact;
– No plans to buff Type 59 gun (RG: It’s fine with me).

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