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Here it is:

– Q: “Storm, why does Rudy T-34/85 have too high gun penetration? Fake stats in the name of profit or does the dog give 10 percent to gun penetration?” A: “Yea, the dog holds the gunner by his balls.”
– Q: “Storm, don’t you feel ashamed for making the French Super Sherman a premium when you said earlier there’s a gap and that’s why we can’t have a full AMX-30 branch?” A: “Me – nope.”
– The author of the previous question accused Storm of lying because he did say earlier the thing about the gap. Storm reacts: “There’s no lying. There is a large number of particularities and limits when introducing regular vehicles. What you consider insignificant in fact has enough influence not to put this tank in a branch. There is no malice here.”
– Exact rules for implementing regular tanks will not be disclosed;
– Storm expect many, many players to download the SD (smaller) client (RG: And what about allowing us to download the game just once and give us a option to change servers with it on laucher? Hate that hate to download an entire WG game for each server!)
– Current client will be considered HD, SD client will be the current client with textures with only half resolution (will be cca 6GB smaller installed, 1GB less for download);
– It’s possible that ultra HD textures will come in the future separately (not as a part of current client);
– In 2016, new campaigns of individual missions will come. The old ones will however not be disabled so it will be possible to still get the Object 260 next year;
– It will in the future be possible to add single (deleted) files to the client via the launcher repair system;
– Apart from the one leaked map, the new garage battle mode will also be played on the “Lost City” map from team battles;
– Type 59 will not be sold ever again;
– The fucked up T-62A model happened because it’s being reworked to HD and someone was screwing around with the old model (RG: there are better this to screw… you know?)

And the daily random, how I imagine my Tortoise crew:

May be a bit old but felt like the “military turtle” is worthy of a comeback.

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