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Here it is:

– Regarding the Domination mode, passing the flag to an ally was considered but Storm states it’s a very controversial feature as it increases toxicity (“give the flag here, bitch!”);
– The solution about the Domination tanks in hangar is temporary (it will be changed);
– There is no HD map on PC yet because developers “worked on the technology for a very long time”;
– Xbox One tanks have many HD models and PC tanks don’t because “they have different model quality requirements”;
– Storm doesn’t know whether HD trees on HD maps will sway in the breeze;
– Storm doesn’t know whether the Xbox One explosion effects will come to PC;
– New gun sounds: “when it’s done it’s done”.

And the daily, new WoWS premium ship?


Context: “Korean students make a raft out of potato chip bags to prove they have too much air in them”

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