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Hello warriors,

apparently the M56 video with Chieftain was supposed to have a rather funny line. Chieftain:

I had actually said something like “You will probably never need to know how to operate a museum piece, though I do wonder if the T-34s we’ve seen used in Ukraine recently might have been started by using our videos as a reference”. The Minsk guys flat refused to allow it, for fear of upsetting someone. – new TXAA anti-aliasing making things too blurry? Storm: “We noticed. It’s one of the features of the algorhitm. We will slowly work on that so it isn’t that noticable.”
– there will be third test round of 9.9 test
– apparently there is “an exploit with dll injection” in the game. As soon as the question appeared in the thread, Storm immediately closed it saying it’s “off-topic”.
– Storm doesn’t know exactly when the FV4202 mission will come
– Q: “I wanted to ask… about the Japanese tanks, there are rumors that the Japanese had short and black… gun barrels, not like the Russian ones. Is it true?” A: (Knopka, Blitz community manager): “I’d say that each tank has its own gun. So various groups don’t have any particular guns. This is not specific to the Japanese branch.”

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