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Here it is:

-Earlier, it was announced that two physics tests would happen: one with realistic physics and one with “simplified” physics. Storm states that the second round of the test does not represent the “simplified” physics, it’s still the “realistic” version with certain adjustments;
-AMX-13/90 cannot climb in physics test 2 to some places it could in physics test 1, Storm will investigate what changed;
-9.7 test will start “soon”;
-It’s completely possible for a battle tier 11 battle to be without tier 9’s, MM is working fine;
-Russian server moderators confirm: enemy reload timer is not a banned mod (specifically, the version used in Jove modpack, that shows enemy reload time next to the tank status in lower left corner of the screen);
-It’s possible that T-34-88 (a captured T-34, equipped with German 88mm L/56) will come to PC version of WoT.

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