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Here it is:

– Female crew voiceover will not come in 9.8;
– Developers will not disclose how exactly is the second British TD branch (FV4005 and others) doing statistically;
– Right now it’s not clear whether the marks of excellence are bugged or not, it will be investigated;
– One player is concerned that even if gold penetration is nerfed somewhat, gold shells will still effortlessly penetrate Maus, E-100 and others. Storm’s answer: “you are overestimating the role and amount of gold shell use in battle”;
– It’s possible that the ingame Maus is smaller than in real life. It will be investigated;
– Storm confirms that future renders will be made with ingame textures, not the ultra-high quality textures used for renders now;
– Ultra-high quality texture pack won’t be released, it would be useful only for a small number of people;
– Artillery will be reworked to HD as last;
– VK4502B with 80mm armor will not be made tier 6, it would be too overpowered;
– The way to obtain tier 7 VK4502B will be disclosed a bit later;
– Storm confirms: developers are investigating how to rebalance artillery but it’s too early to say anything. One thing’s for sure: it won’t be the “less alpha more often by splash” approach because the fact you actually get damaged irritates the players even more than an occasional oneshot;
– WG is currently reviewing the platoon demand for individual missions (whether it’s needed);
– Tank customization (additional armor plates and such) will come only in far future, it’s completely possible these will fall off from the tank when Havok is implemented;
– “Many” Object 260 missions will be changed in 9.8;
– Apparently there are no plans to buff Leopard prototype;
– Developers are definitely not considering removing the standard artillery satellite mode and replacing it with “battle assistant” mode;
– T92 Light Tank will definitely not come in 2015;
– T32 will not get a penetration buff;
– For now, there are no plans to buff Challenger/Avenger by giving it a better gun.

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