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– Storm reacting on the accusation that he’s not up to speed because he doesn’t play his own game: “Apart from me, several hundred people are working on the game. And all the problems are caused because I personally play WoT only a little? Are you feeling well?”
– Garage battles in WoT? “And why do you want it? I am asking so I understand what you personally expect from garage battles”;
– If battles in WoT were more filled with action (faster), they’d become straining quickly;
– It is NOT easy to take real life scans or enough pictures to create an in-game model;
– Developers are working on HD tier 10 Soviet tanks but there’s currently no ETA for that;
– Model elements that are identical to more models (for example T-34 suspension on Type T-34) can be copied from one another;
– Type 58 in HD soon? “There are other priorities”;
– T92 Light Tank is difficult to implement in the game because there’s no place in plans where to put it, development-wise for WoT it didn’t progress beyond drawing an icon for it;
– Artillery re-balance will not come anytime soon;
– Some top tier vehicles have unhistorical guns because their real life guns would be too weak – if they were armed historically, they’d suck and the armor on that tier would be too strong;
– 9.7 will not bring penetration nerf;
– Despite the recent reveal of HD Hummel model, Storm confirms that artillery will be reworked to HD as last – Hummel is an exception because it’s historical and it was planned for a long time;
– Regarding the Hummel, Type T-34 and Leopard 1 render – despite the fact Storm promised renders would be made using in-game textures, the texture quality on the screenshots is too high and the vehicles will not appear like that in the game. Storm reacted on that basically by saying that he needs to kick someone in the ass for that.

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