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If you are interested in ships, check out this very interesting article about the story of one Soviet cruiser and “big gun” ships in general.

– Q: “Are you aware of the number of players reporting “no damage” penetrations?” A (SerB): “We are aware four years already that a part of the players consists of whiners, posting permanently all kinds of crap in this forum topic.”
– while you don’t get damaged from collisions with objects, you can actually get damaged by the environment, if you drive from a certain slope too fast and crash. In such cases, the damage is not determined by the height difference between the starting slope point and the ending point (SS: eg. “what distance you cover by going downhill”), but by your vertical velocity

– the fact that the T-54 medium tank carries 15 more shells than the T-54 “light” is correct: the medium tank has a different internal layout (ammo rack layout), allowing the vehicle to carry more shells. Since in the game the chassis itself does not effect the ammo rack size by itself, developers simply decided to put in the larger ammo rack. This hull modification was not implemented in the T-54 Light
– developers decided not to implement Chi-Ri II (Chi-Ri with sloped armor), because they were unable to get a “normal drawing” from anywhere. It’s possible that it will appear one day, maybe as an alternative hull, but it’s not sure (there are plently of alternative hulls for Chi-Ri, even the Hara suspension itself had two variants)
– according to Storm, Lowe has sufficient armor, plus its advantage is its accurate and high-pen gun

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