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1.11 Soviet Steel Advancing!
2015-07-07 11:20:00 / News
Soviet Steel

As we gear up for the release of Update 1.11, a vital transmission has been sent to field headquarters informing us of the development of three powerful new battlefield contenders! Whether you’re a heavy tanker who loves the boom, or an aggressive medium tank driver, these new tanks will suit your style!

Take a look at the briefing Commander, and good hunting!

KV-2 (Tier VI)

History and Development

Built on the KV-1 body with a larger turret, the KV-2 was designed to bust Finnish bunkers with a massive 152mm howitzer while shrugging off antitank guns as a breakthrough tank. A rude surprise for the invading Germans, the KV-2’s thick armor and powerful gun were offset by highmaintenance requirements and poor reliability in the field resulting in the loss of most vehicles in 1941.

How Do I Play the KV-2?

Despite boasting thick frontal and side armor, a surprisingly bouncy turret, and the biggest gun option of your tier, the KV-2 has a long aim time, low mobility and a slow turret traverse. These are minor problems, as the KV-2 is an incredibly fun tank to play and capable of striking fear into the heart of any tank you’ll meet, even up to tier VIII!

The 152mm howitzer makes this tank. While the 107mm is more accurate and shoots faster, it doesn’t offer the raw firepower or fear factor of the giant howitzer! When using the 152, you’ll have to hit weak points with Armor-piercing rounds, so you’re better off using HE rounds for most shots.

The ideal area for your tank is in cover, utilizing the tactic of “Peek-A-Boom” to pop out and fire, before retreating to reload and emerging in a different spot to keep the enemy guessing!

Suggested Equipment

Anything to help reduce your reload and reticule bloom:

 Enhanced Gun Laying Drive; Vents; Gun Rammer KV-13 (Tier VII)

History and Development

With development on a “universal tank” starting in the fall of 1941, it was determined that early prototypes needed better armor and mechanical reliability. While the decision was made to focus on the T-34, research continued on two improved prototypes in 1942 and led to the creation of the IS Tank!

How Do I Play the KV-13?

Faster than the KV-1S with hull armor approaching that of the KV-3 and IS heavy tanks, KV-13 is able to bounce quite a few shots from lower tier tanks. The KV-13’s top gun does not match the penetration of comparable medium tanks, but it does have a relatively quick rate of fire that you can leverage while outflanking tougher targets.

Suggested Equipment  Enhanced Gun Laying Drive; Vents; Gun Rammer (Toolbox and Suspension are also possibilities) Object 140 (Tier X)

History and Development

Developed between 1953 and 1958, the Object 140 was an experimental tank designed to replace the deadly T-54. While two prototypes were built and tested, it was not put into production.

How Do I Play the Object 140?

One of the fastest Soviet mediums in the game, the Object 140 has excellent turret armor and a bit more gun depression than other high-tier Soviet tanks. This means that you can leverage terrain to a greater advantage as you rush around the battlefield spotting targets and outmaneuvering enemies. You’ll want to hit and fade with the 140, as it’s not as well-armored as the T-62A, however the tank’s agility and gun handling more than make up for it!

Suggested Equipment  Vertical Stabilizer; Gun Rammer; Vents or Coated Optics depending on preferred engagement distance

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