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1.11: Western Allies At War!
2015-07-09 11:18:00 / News
The Allies Arrive! 

As Update 1.11 approaches, so do two new Allied vehicles looking to join the fight! If you’re a well-rounded medium commander or a stalwart lover of big guns, we’ve got a new tier VI for you!

Have a look at the briefing, Commander, and good hunting!

American Made: M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo (Tier VI)

History and Development

Produced by Fisher Tanks Arsenal and beloved by its crews, the Sherman Jumbo was the heavy assault version of the M4A3 intended to lead an advance, locate anti-tank guns and dug-in tanks, and engage them while bouncing their shots. These beasts had an extra inch of armor and were used to spearhead attacks in 1944 and 1945, with 254 vehicles ordered and many more requested by the troops. The extra armor was useful, but it burdened the tank’s suspension and slowed it down even as it struck fear into the hearts of its enemies.

How Do I Play the Sherman Jumbo?

The Sherman Jumbo is a veritable “Heavy Medium” which boasts enhanced and sloped armor comparable to the Tiger and T29 tanks a tier above it! While that armor means you are slower than most medium tanks at your tier, the Jumbo is faster than heavy tanks and about as well-armored in the front, as well as being a smaller target! You can reliably bounce shots from enemies at your tier provided you angle your hull armor and present your mantlet as much as possible. This presents canny commanders with a plethora of tactical options: you are well-suited to peeking over hills and around terrain with the 105mm which fires in an arc, or you can mount the fast-firing but less powerful 76mm cannon for brawling! In short, minimize exposure, use your gun depression, and know when to risk taking hits.

This tank is very comfortable for newcomers and veteran players alike, and will reward skillful, patient play by bouncing many more hits that you’d think possible!

Suggested Equipment  Vertical Stabilizer; Gun Rammer; Vents or Coated Optics depending on playstyle. British Bulldog: The Churchill Gun Carrier (Tier VI)

History and Development

Built on the body of a Churchill tank with its turret removed, the Churchill Gun Carrier was an attempt to fit a larger gun on a tank chassis. While 50 vehicles were made from 1941 through 1942, none saw combat.

How Do I Play the Churchill Gun Carrier?

The Churchill Gun Carrier is the definition of a “Glass Cannon” with limited armor but a fearsome cannon. All of its guns are excellent, but the top 32-pdr anti-tank gun is accurate, powerful and has a short aim time. While its gun depression is on par with that of US tanks, the Churchill Gun Carrier shouldn’t be used to engage targets up close, and you will need to plan your shots carefully due to this tank destroyer’s small gun arc and low traverse speed. This vehicle can shred the enemy team provided that you choose the right positions and are not overly aggressive with it. 

Suggested Equipment  Enhanced Gun Laying Drive; Gun Rammer; Binoculars or Coated Optics are also possibilities.

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