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You wanted more interesting news? You’ll like this then.

– no ETA on HD IS-3
– it’s decided that Panther 88 will not have limited MM
– Storm states that the statement that Panther 88 will see tier 10′s in 2/3 of its battles is false
– Panther 88 will be a premium German tank (not an event one)
– apparently, the Panther 88 MM spread was not a balancing department decision (SS: I wonder whose then)
– Storm on the future of WoT: “We also want progress. We are trying. Maybe it’s worse than it has to be, but we are trying.”
– Storm cannot say (is not allowed to) which nations will get their own branches in 2015, but it will be two EU branches (SS: Czech and Italian or Swedish IIRC) and one non-EU branch

– when it comes to priorities in content development, Storm explains: “creating a branch is faster but more expensive than creating physics, because a lot of people are working on it. Creating new physics takes longer and it’s cheaper, because fewer people are working on it.”
– new nation in 2015? “No comment”
– when it comes to fixing perks, Storm wants to do it all at once (not per partest), so that WG doesn’t have to do skill reset several times
– Storm admits that there are tasks with significantly higher priority than the perk reset
– motion physics test will not come this year
– Havok is being developed for 1,5 years now (from the first experiments)
– Storm hates publicity, he states he was practically forced to do the KTTS videos
– HD maps will come after new render system, new landscape render and new vegetation and water render
– the new iteration of Big World engine will not bring any outer changes, most changes are internal. It’s possible there might be some FPS increase, but no guarantees.
– WG is developing new render – with Dx11 support and multicore support
– WG is planning some changes to matchmaking system, but no details for now, as “the question is difficult for a direct answer”. Storm however states that for now, they will do some fixes for the current MM and after that, they will start developing a completely new matchmaker
– developers considered the option to hardcap the amount of top tier tanks in battle (so that it would be easier for top tanks to pwn and for bottom of the team to survive). This solution was not completely scrapped, but it’s hard because of the amount of tanks in queues (as in, there are not always tanks for the top slots in the queue and such)
– WG doesn’t consider really fast losses to be a problem
– alternative hulls will come after all tanks are reworked to HD
– T-35 is not in WG plans for now

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