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1.9 Tank Feature – Leopard 1
2015-05-28 16:05:00 / Guides
Fast, nimble and deadly! History and Development

The Leopard 1 was designed to be the main battle tank of the Federal Republic of Germany.While development started as early as 1956, the first prototypes were built in 1965, and the tank was adopted by Federal German forces that same year.

The Leo 1 became a tremendous success and was adopted as the main battle tank of choice of over a dozen nations. Still in service with Brazil, Canada, Chile, Ecuador and other nations, it has adapted well through changing times.

How Do I Play the Leopard 1?

Compared to tier X heavy Land Dreadnoughts like the Maus, E-100 and IS-7, the Leopard is smaller and more lightly armored, with a gun that deals less damage per shot. With that said, Leo 1 is a medium tank which was not designed to brawl face-to face.

Like its namesake in nature, this tank, this tank is a deadly predator. It features excellent mobility and speed, with good camouflage and view range. While “Leo” is a medium tank, it can be a passive scout in a pinch, but will not do as well in this role as a light tank, because it is not as small and mobile.

That doesn’t matter, because you can hunt them! The Leopard is versatile. You can run down scouts in the early game and use its excellent gun handling to snipe from cover before transitioning into the role of an active supporting flanker. 

The Leo’s preferred habitat is peeking over a hill or rising onto an open field, preferably behind some brush cover, with the next firing position already lined up as you put that deadly 105mm gun to work and cut the enemy team apart. The tank is designed to shoot and move at midrange, so stay mobile!

Suggested Equipment Rammer: Decreases your reload time. Vertical Stabilizer: Increases your accuracy on the move. Coated Optics: Improves your view range when stationary or moving. The Raw Details

Versatile and deadly in the hands of skilled players in-game and still a valued part of numerous militaries in the present day, the Leopard 1 has left its mark on history and is a potent addition to any garage!

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