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Not much today either. Very good news for Czechoslovak players though… the T 40 medium tank technical drawings for implementation purposes are ready and they are glorious. Now comes modelling.

-Storm considers the statement that current (old) physics system in WoT is sufficient “very debatable”;
-It’s possible that the players will in the future be able to login with more accounts than the types brought to EU and RU by minipatch;
-The temporary premium tanks on the Russian server work like this: they stay in your hangar until you remove them manually. After the time limit, you can’t play them. You also apparently have to spend gold on removing any equipment you used on it;
-Temporary premium tanks come with temporary garage slots, that disappear after the tank gets removed by the player;
-If you already have the premium tank and you complete the mission that awards you with the same tank for a limited amount of time, you will get no compensation.

The whole point of this “temporary premium tank” mechanism is according to developers the option of actually trying that tank out before you buy it.

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