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A developer (only introduced as “Nikita” in an official stream), a programmer responsible for the matchmaker, explained the issues with XP bonus for tanking and why it was delayed as such in an official stream:

In fact, the bonus XP for tanking depended on the normalized thickness of armor at the point of impact. The game designers decided that this was a good idea despite the fact that under some circumstances, the effective thickness of armor could be extremely high due to the angle of shell impact. There was a divisiom by the angle (cos) (effective armor calculation) – the problem is that this value is not limited in any way so extreme impact angles (ricochets) gave extreme results (in one case, a ricochet caused 5000-6000 XP bonus). This mechanism was not fixed on time and required a complete overhaul, hence the delay.

The moderator of the stream was shocked, why armor thickness should be actually taken into account and not just the shell damage. The answer to that was that there is another solution already and it will be released at some point.

– Batchat in HD will not come in 9.8;
– It’s possible that 9.7 test 4 will come this week still;
– IS-3 in HD will not come in 9.7 despite the delays;
– HD KV-2 will have the same guns it has right now;
– Average duration of battles on mid tiers? “No comment”;
– No plans to add crew-member visual models to vehicles (RG: Games like WoT and AW don’t like very much the idea of having real crew shown due to the age rating of the game, its understandable);
– Light tank hit-points will not be increased across the board;
– long testing of 9.7 does delay 9.8, but not by much;
– Storm states that the information that vehicles present in Kubinka will be allowed by the museum to be photoscanned the same way the IS-3 was is false;
– Type 59 in HD is being worked on, including possible collision model (armor) overhaul, no decision was taken yet though.

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