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Here it is:

– 0.9.8 features “individual discounts on premium account” – WG will tell details “a bit later”;
– Developers know about the screwed Super Pershing armor in the 0.9.8 test, it will be fixed;
– Despite the fact Wargaming recently showed AMX 50 100 HD model, the vehicle in HD in 0.9.8 will be AMX 50 120 – 50 100 will come “a bit later”;
– It’s possible Mauschen will appear in next 0.9.8 test round;
– The new “Domination” mode in the test makes people lose way too many credits, this will apparently be fixed;
– It’s possible (but not sure) that Swamp will be removed altogether in the future;
– In the current iteration of “Domination” (garage battles), TD’s are missing entirely, this is intentional.

And the daily dose, Russian Navy Seals:

So adorable… at 0:36 he is like: “I’m tired of your sh** Ivan”

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