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A nasty butthurt is going around the Russian World of Warplanes community. The developers of World of Warplanes are located in Ukraine and several (about a dozen) of their members posted anti-Russian stuff on their social networks (including a photography of a tank barrel that says KILL RUSSIANS or something like that) – most of it is however very mild. Russians started shitting bricks and whining on Livejournal. There is no official Wargaming reaction to the incident.

– Regarding the fight with illegal mods, according to Storm there is no reliable way of making the client not run when its files were edited;
– Storm comments that other games such as Armored Warfare and War Thunder have no need to fight banned mods because they have so low online numbers that nobody gives a crap about doing banned mods for them anyway but large projects (such as World of Tanks) already present a viable market for malicious mod makers who sell their creations to many players and make money off it;
– Regarding the appearance of Skoda T 40 – Q: “Silentstalker, are you happy (it’s here)?” A (Yuri Pasholok): “Generally speaking Frank built that tree himself. “Eurowargaming…” “

And the daily, real life Halo Warthog visits joint base Lewis McChord:

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