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Not much today. The test server was already disabled and next iteration (this time with real vehicle values) will follow.

Also, Storm made a rather large topic, collecting the feedback on the Individual Missions. Or Personal how they are called today. Whatever. Basically, as far as I can tell, the two largest “issues” with them are:

– the fact they don’t activate automatically like achievements and you have to manually select them
– the presence of platoons in requirements

Unfortunately, Storm did not provide any answer as to whether WG will do anything with them based on the feedback or not. Okay, one more very important piece of news. Remember the “replay vulnerability” post? Well, Wargaming just acknowledged the issue by a special portal post. TLDR: replays can be modified to run malicious code.

According to the post, this issue will be fixed in 9.5. In case you want to know your replays are safe, download them only from wotreplays.ru/com/eu (based on your server). This WG site contains a check against this issue, so replays from it should be safe. And of course, not a peep on EU portal… after all, who cares about potential nasty exploits, right?

Also, interesting how this issue was on Reddit for days and this warning was only posted after the matter made it to FTR and Russian blogs…

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