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An interesting article about how Serbian army is getting rid of tanks.

Oh yes and WG NA has a special event, where you can buy a Type 62 for 50 bucks for 24 hours.

And one more thing: just got another email saying “where’s the translations today” – apart from the “don’t rush me” answer (obviously, I’d do it faster if I could), please “like” the Facebook FTR page (if you are into the whole FB thing), I usually write there if there are some issues or delays.

– gold ammo will not be removed from the game
– the AMX-30 “branch” will consist of only two vehicles: AMX-30 prototype and AMX-30
– regarding various attempts of players to propose a full French medium branch: “The fact that you consider it possible to implement doesn’t mean it actually is, there are reasons why it isn’t.”
– Storm confirms that Havok was shelved for a complete overhaul, it won’t come anytime soon

– Storm agrees that giving artillery more XP for its damage will reduce the time spent grinding artillery on lower tiers, which is a good thing
– AMX CDC will as usual be available in 9.6 only in premium shop, it will be available for gold in the game in 9.7
– spotting system will be reworked so that the spotting checks will tick with the same frequency at all distances. The servers will handle it, as Wargaming reworked completely the spotting check algorhitms, which will result in the increase of performance by several orders
– according to Storm, spotting mechanics are “completely transparent”
– spotting system was not changed for several years now
– Storm argues that Stalingrad and Kharkov are not “corridor” maps and that they aren’t too “closed” – he played them on heavies and TD’s and liked it
– Storm denies that Maus has good stats because only skilled players play it – it is played by the same players as other tanks
– the external module (gun) saving throw will not be removed – WG tested it and without it, the gun would be broken all the time
– fog of war in random battles? “Only experiments are running for now. We haven’t decided anything yet.”
– Storm states that the artillery model “low damage over large surface” is not viable, as constant (even if small) damage will infuriate players much more than an occasional oneshot
– WG is still considering the option to hide some players nickname in the battle somehow
– VK100.01 “Mammut” was not made tier 9 instead of Mauschen because its armor is too thin
– regarding the issue of very large maps – one of the problems is that they would make the situation where your flanks are secure impossible, as any “obstacle” will be possible to overcome easily by further flanking, unless you split the map into giant corridors. This is not a theory, this was tested and verified by Wargaming.
– Storm confirms that the statement “big maps = automatical bad battle for slow tanks” is true
– apparently, the “sticking” of aim reticles to close objects in arcade mode will not be changed
– the Mines map upper base advantage was fixed in 9.6
– according to Storm, the statement that 2/3 of all maps in the game consist of corridors is not true
– “tanking by tracks” (SS: a technique, where you – instead of armor – present your enemy your vehicle’s tracks, resulting in them “eating” the shells at the cost of permadetrack, while the trajectory of the shell does not cross the hull – mostly during sidescraping) will never count as “armor blocked”
– Chieftain Mk.2 (replacement of FV215b) will be “cool”
– Storm comments on various skill MM proposals, where players propose to split playerbase into leagues or to match you with players of the same skill as yours: “This will reduce the “pwn” factor. It is not interesting to have each battle on the edge. A cycle of “pwn” and “fail” battles does keep the players playing much longer.”
– most terrain inconsistencies between what you see and collision model can be solved by setting the landscape quality setting to one level higher than minimal settings
– Chat 2.0 is being introduced in parts, in 9.6 another bit will come
– a “platoon finder” mechanism will be introduced
– the threshold for a patch size is roughly 1,5 GB – any bigger patch and it will be a problem for a large number of players, that play with poor internet
– new Bigworld version will come in 9.7, but all the changes will be internal, a player will not notice anything – even though the version contains some optimizations (some of them very serious), so it’s possible some players will see higher FPS
– Storm states that removing the issue where tanks “jump” (teleport) when you watch them from long distance is a priority
– artillery XP income buff will be discussed
– Storm states that making HD maps will be much easier than making HD tanks, because there’s no “hellish” process of historical checking of the model
– a player made an inquiry that he’d love the teams to look something like: 1-2 scouts, 0-2 arty, 3-5 TD, 4-6 MT and 4-6 HT. Storm said that according to their statistics, the teams actually usually look like that, with some deviations on certain tiers.
– all the patches starting with 9.1 brought increases of FPS and less freezes
– developers are working on better communication with mod makers, when it comes to new patches (so that the modders are informed in advance). There will be progress in this direction.
– Storm states that the reason, why the top guns of the vehicles are not their historical guns, but various upgunning proposals/prototypes has its roots in WoT development history, this trend will not change anytime soon.
– when it comes to the “shells blocked by armor” parameters, ricochets do count, as well as shots into the tracks, where the shell trajectory does intersect with the hull
– according to Storm, next season of individual missions will not come this year
– according to some RU player, the French tank inscription “Panthére” is incorrect, it should be “Panthère”. Storm argues that the French (WG EU) said it’s correct, so it’s correct (SS: the player is correct I think)
– according to Storm, the IM’s did NOT break random battles
– no plans to remove platoon requirement from IM’s
– there will NOT be a skill MM in random battles
– +/-2 MM spread will not be reduced
– fixing the SLI in WoT: “when it’s done it’s done”
– developers did not consider the option to add special equipment that would allow you to shoot gold ammo (you wouldnt be able to without it)
– various cases of getting stuck on landscape elements should be fixed by new motion physics
– regarding the gold ammo whine, Storm agrees that a lot of it comes from people without their own opinion, who are simply repeating the stuff they heard from vocal gold ammo opposers instead of thinking on their own
– teamkilling will not be allowed in the game (SS: *sigh*)
– the Mauschen in its ingame setup is much more historical than the overbuffed VK4502B (“there’s a project, there are also schematics”)
– fake vehicles will be removed from the game “as much as possible”
– WG is constantly checking for lags on servers. In majority of cases, lags are caused not by servers, but by player’s connection. The whole “servers are collapsing” talk is usually not the problem of servers but of the fact that during primetimes, the entire network is stressed more than usual, so it can be an overloaded connection pathway and not a server issue. Servers are almost always stable. The fact that Battlefield and War Thunder do not lag and WoT does is according to Storm caused by the fact that these games transfer much less data, as larger parts of the game are calculated on the client side. Plus, Battlefield games have servers that are usually closer to the player.
– skill MM will be introduced to team battles
– picking vehicles based on the map played will be introduced to team battles
– Maus is doing fine statistically, it’s amongst the top one third vehicles of tier 10
– World of Tanks will never turn to subscription based model
– 25 percent RNG will definitely not be reduced
– “jerks” of icons on minimap are intentional: “traffic optimization”
– E-100 in HD was postponed to 9.7
– Storm states that before 9.6, ALL bushes on all maps were checked for errors – only the Prokhorovka ones were bugged

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