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Sniper rifle
shot sniper can not only hit the enemy, but also to spread fear and panic in its ranks. With only one shot can stand years of preparation and weeks of waiting for the right moment. Often, spending a long time in the wild and waiting for the target, the sniper must possess all the skills not only survival, but also the ability not to lose concentration at the critical moment. At that point, very much depends on what kind of weapon in his hands. Modern sniper rifles often represent a real wonders of engineering and can hit targets at a distance of more than two kilometers. Imagine – 2 km! This is 20 times longer than a football field or 3 times more than the average length of a standard passenger trains. By the way, availability on trains You can check the portal gozoom.ru. In the meantime, we have selected for you 10 of the most famous sniper rifles – from those that helped at Stalingrad, to those that are used in modern spec. operations.

10 most famous sniper rifles


1. “Trehlineyka” Mosin

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
In 1931 Mosin rifle became the first Soviet sniper rifle, get a “sighting tube” Podolsky optical plant. Design later underwent certain changes. “Trehlineyka” well proven in the short and medium distance during the Second World War. Thus, in the Battle of Stalingrad 98 snipers 13th Guards Rifle Division destroyed 3879 German soldiers and officers.


Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
KAFP, or large-caliber Army sniper rifle, was developed in the USSR in the late 1980s. This 12-pound rifle capable of hitting lightly armored and non-armored military vehicles at a distance of a kilometer. About defeated man can not even speak – fired from this gun bullet fly half kilometers at a speed of about 850 meters per second.

3. Vintorez

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
This silent sniper rifle developed in the same 1980s that KAFP. It is intended for special units. Later, after the collapse of the USSR, Vintorez actively used during the First and Second Chechen Wars, as well as during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. The length of the rifle is less than 90 inches, and weight – less than three pounds.

4. Calico M951S

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
When it’s time to travel back home designs in the United States, where in 1990, was designed rifle Calico M951S, great hitting targets at medium distances. Its features – high rate and extremely capacious store that can accommodate up to 100 patrons. That, however, is not surprising, because the model was created based on the submachine gun Calico M960.

5. Dragunov sniper rifle – SVD

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
automatic rifle Dragunov – the best product sample Kalashnikov Concern. This sniper weapon was developed from 1958 to 1963, a group of designers led by Yevgeny Dragunov. During these years, “Dragunov” repeatedly modified and still a little older. At present, the SVD is considered as a high quality, but a full-time fighter for linear rifle is a sniper in the subdivision. Nevertheless, at a distance of 600 meters is still a formidable weapon to destroy enemy personnel.

6. CheyTac m200 «Intervention»

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
CheyTac m200 «Intervention» – one of the components of the American sniper system CheyTac LRRS – available in various versions since 2001. Distinguishes this model is the ability to accurately hit targets at long distances (about 2 kilometers). We can say that «Intervention» became a phenomenon in the world of computer shooters. So to a certain game «Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2″ is present as one of the most powerful weapons.

7. AMP Technical Services DSR-1

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
German rifle DSR-1 can be called the most accurate, but only when shooting in ideal conditions – using specialized cartridges and no wind . It belongs to the police or to the anti-terrorism and weapons used by European units of type GSG-9. Professional soldiers do not really favor the DSR-1 – it is susceptible to dirt and sand, and in actual combat, for example, when there was an explosion, misfires.

8. Accuracy International AS50

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
AS50 was first demonstrated to the public in January 2005 at an exhibition ShotShow-2005 in the United States. 1369-millimeter equipment weighs 14.1 kilograms without optics and cartridges and is intended mainly for special operations. Sniper can instantly folded or expand it and put in combat readiness. High accuracy over long distances, different anchorage, including night, optics AS50 make one of the best contemporary samples sniper rifles.

9. Barett M82

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
At this rifle is an interesting story of creation. M82 collected American Ronnie Barrett in his garage back in 1982. After the failure of a number of leading arms companies, he decided to start small-scale production for the domestic market. After 7 years the army of Sweden buys from Barrett Firearms 100 rifles, and then the US Army pays attention to them during “Operation Desert Storm” and “Desert Shield”. Today Barett M82 is used by the several dozen countries and can conduct aimed fire at a distance of about 2 km. The rifle is present in a number of famous films and computer games until GTA V, which once again confirms its authority.

10. Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

Sniper Rifle - 10 самых известных снайперских винтовок
Another brainchild of legendary British company Accuracy International Ltd., which knows no equal since 1980. UK uses it for military purposes, and the modified model are special forces and the police. However, the market of civil weapons, this rifle is positioned as “sports” – for example, in Russia a few years ago it was possible to buy a gun shop for about 20 thousand dollars. AWM has been produced from the farthest recorded combat sniper shot in history – a British soldier Craig Harrison fired at a distance of 2475 meters. “Cultural footprint” of this tool can also claim the record – AWM is mentioned in a number of the most famous computer shooters, including Call of Duty, Battlefield and, of course, in Counter-Strike.

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