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 Here it is:

– Regarding the players complaining about lag and packet loss: no amount of WoT optimization will make the data travel faster from server to WoT and vice versa;
– Current clientside Bigworld has nothing to do with the original Bigworld engine, it was reworked over the years to a WG-only engine;
– In 9.9 more than a half of the game engine code was switched to a “different engine”;
– Soon the new WoT engine will be heavily upgraded further;
– This upgrade will bring significant improvements to performance and image quality;
– Storm states that the number of spotting rays will not form a whole globe (removing the “ray” system): the rays will stay and will continue to run from the tank viewports to the spotting points of the tanks that are within the vehicle viewrange (spotchecks are not made against vehicles outside of viewrange altogether).

Today nearly spat my drink after having this sent to me by a friend. It cant be unseen:

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