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– developers never promised to give HD Leopard 1 the anti-HEAT spaced side armor, it won’t be added just so;
– the reason for the statement above is that the Leopard 1 with spaced armor is too modern with a powerful engine and firecontrol system, new shells and additional armor – it would be too powerful for tier 10;
– the Leopard 1 HD model is final, at least until the introduction of customization (it’s possible that the side screens for Leopard 1 will come as a customization option but no promises);
– it’s not possible to implement the text feedback option into the test client – the problem is filtering of the feedback and too many players;
– it’s possible that the 9th of May event will be introduced by a micropatch if the 9.7 is delayed too much;
– 9.8 will be somewhat delay by the very long 9.7 testing;
– some players report issues with microjerks (the screen is jerking a little whenever the tank is driving around), Storm states that this is an old issue and WG did not manage to even repeat it, let alone fix it;
– there are no plans to make Ensk bigger;
– there are no plans to rework the Airport map;
– it’s not true that there are too few heavies in battles now;
– Batchat HD rework is delayed by WG waiting for new references (data) from the trip to French museums

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