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Straight from Wargaming (confirmed info): map Simferopol will NOT come, at least not anytime soon. It was decided to mothball it.

– women form no more than two percent of WoT playerbase
– the main playerbase of WoT consists of men from 28 to 35 years
– lately, the number of clans was increasing (for various reasons, from CW to the fact the people want a clantag)
– the info above led to the development of Strongholds, as clanners needed some sort of “ecosystem”
– developers are experimenting with Stronghold mode “bunkers”, created in some sort of building (their strength depends on the level of the building, the bunkers are being tested on Malinovka)
– these bunkers and other SH consumables will be deployed by clan commander via a “tactical tablet”
– current version of premium account/tank XP is temporary, premium tanks (or account, unclear) will be buffed further
– Storm won’t participate in WoWs development “Tanks are 200 percent enough for me”
– Stalingrad will be further fixed (players complained about the “small yards”, Storm added that the map is difficult as it is even without them)
– PvE mode: “when it’s done it’s done”
– 3-caliber rule will not be cancelled (“tell that to players shooting big guns at light tanks”)
– a player proposed a theory, that some of the lags are caused on the client side by energy saving CPU functions (EIST, C-States, Turbo Boost). Storm: “Until you present us with evidence of these “mysterious” lags, it’s unlikely we will do anything”

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