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Hello everyone,

the news about potentially infected WoT replays already reached the US server. News EU server – of course not, because WG EU, that’s why. So, until 9.5 (which will be released cca 22.12-23.12, at least that’s the plan – in it this vulnerability will be fixed), you have still a chance to make a replay that will open 1000 Pornhub browser windows… not that I am giving anyone any ideas! :)

No, seriously, be careful. This could lead to some really nasty stuff – a very primitive example of it being a replay, opening a browser window with a phishing page, that will say your client is out of date and will ask for your password to “verify installation” – but a real attack would be more sophisticated.

What you CAN do is download/use replays from wotreplays.ru/eu/com – the site now checks for rigged replays and does not allow you to upload them (yes, I tried). According to a developer from wotreplays.ru, they already checked like 900k replays and the rest will be checked shortly. Replays from last 2 months at least are safe.

– Storm basically confirmed that the supertesters are really testing accuracy nerf, but it’s too soon to draw any conclusions, those are just tests with various parameters
– the platoon element in individual missions will stay
– the manual activation of individual missions will stay
– some individual missions or elements thereof (compared to CT1) will be removed
– only a single IM will be “active” at any one time (SS: as in, you can’t do two IM’s at once)
– IS-7 will not be replaced by anything as Soviet top tier heavy (“for political reasons”) (SS: here, the “political” is likely a metaphor, as in “it’s too popular to be replaced” – the main “issue” with it is that it’s unhistorically nerfed)

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