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Hello everyone – I got two e-mails today, asking me whether this site is real:


Just to be sure – no, it’s a scam site. Do not click it. Linking it here = automatic permaban.

– developers are finishing with the motion physics testing, public test of new MP will come soon
– spotting system was not changed for a very long time
– players can get sometimes stuck in the air when going down slope like this because in current motion physics, the contact points with ground are not the entire tracks, but the roadwheels and in the case linked here, the first roadwheel is hanging in the air (thus it counts as no contact with ground)

– during the large map testing, compared to current state, there was much more driving and much less shooting, which is not exactly the desired effect
– Storm states that getting rid of rigged battles is actually very complicated: if you talk about it openly (for example during the battle loading hints) you will only bring the rigging to attention of people, who wouldn’t think of it before – and not allowing the same clan members to play against each other in random battles wouldn’t solve anything anyway, as it is really easy to create another clan
– Chieftain Mk.2 will come in 2015, Storm is waiting for it himself
– it won’t be complicated to get a hold of tanks suitable for historical battles (SS: as in, lowtier tanks)
– the spot check frequency is not tied to new BugWorld version, coming in 9.7
– it’s possible that in the future, during non-penetrating HE shell hits, the part of the damage that was “eaten” by armor will count as damage blocked by armor (for the statistics purposes), developers will consider it
– Storm on skill MM: “Skill MM would break the game. I explained the reasons many times. To play all the time with enemies of the same skill level is tedious and boring.”
– 25 percent RNG pen reduction? “In real life, the penetration spread is even higher.”
– PvE mode will come
– developers discussed completely disabling the option to fire at your own teammates, but then decided not to do it
– VK4502B as an alternative hull to VK4502A in the future? “I cannot say anything.”
– popularity of a vehicle is not directly tied to its combat performance – slow vehicles are less popular in general regardless of their qualities
– a proposal to give players who were not very active in battle 0 XP automatically? “Unfortunately, we can’t do it. It would screw a huge number of bad players.”
– Storm personally does have nothing to do with various game monetary decisions (shop prices and such)
– there is no vehicle to replace the Jagdpanzer E-100 with, that’s why it won’t be replaced for now (SS: that is weird, considering it’s at least partially historical)
– apparently, E-25 size will not increase: “Noone knows the historical dimensions of this vehicle, because it was never built.”
– arty XP buff will be considered
– T-34-2 buff? “I don’t know. We have to have a look at the statistics.”
– platoon IM’s will not be removed for now
– current (9.6) optimization (and performance) is already superior to the one before 9.0
– premium account “pausing” (interrupting the premium account for some time) will not be implemented, because it is financially not advantageous for Wargaming
– there are not enough vehicles to introduce tier 9 and 10 light tanks into the game
– regarding the issue where you get 4-5 maps over and over, Storm states it is very difficult to fix for certain reasons
– Q: “Fuck you, you nerfed TD’s to death and killed them!” A: “Hurray!”
– (continued from above) Q: “I will stop buying premium!” A: “Good luck.”
– Q: “9.6 accuracy sucks, Germans suffer!” A: “How terrible.”
– a player proposed random spawn spots for both teams on the map, Storm states that moving the spawn points even by 50 meters could create a serious imbalance
– getting really weird MM in some battles? “This means that there was nothing better in the battle queue.”
– Storm personally checked the camo factor of the Airfield map bushes, they are correct
– Storm comments on the “ghost shell” case, published on FTR not so long ago: “At such distances (more than 500 meters), there can be problems with the coordinate transfer accuracy. Which is this case. It’s very hard to deal with this.”
– WoT Dx11 support is being developed, Dx12 support development was not started yet
– Leopard 2 prototype with 105mm gun is not a suitable candidate for E50M replacement
– Krupp-Steyr Waffenträger will apparently not be a normal prem for sale, but some sort of event vehicle

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