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Please note that Veider confirmed that the leaked viewrange nerf is NOT final – they are just experimental numbers (extreme values) to check how the vehicles would fare under such conditions. The only thing that is confirmed is that they are working on viewrange nerf.

– Historical battles will not come in 9.5
– TD’s currently form less than 30 percent of the vehicles in WoT
– developers are apparently considering returning the Confrontation mode (“national battles”) – the temporary solution is to hardcap vehicles to maximum of 3 vehicles of the same type (SS: as in, three E-100′s max) per team, Storm admits that this will prolong waiting times, but not to 5 minutes or something
– Storm admits large amount of bugs in 9.4, currently WG is investigating why that happened
– according to Storm, the number of online players on RU server is the same as it was last year by this time
– new serverside physics will not be split, it will come in one patch
– when nerfing viewrange, developers will take into account that some hightier mediums (Batchat, Leopard) act as scouts.
– Veider states that the logic behind the viewrange nerf is that the developers want to make tanks fit more in their role on the battlefield in order to return to the “rock-paper-scissors” principle
– Veider is aware that the viewrange nerf might cause more “vanishing tanks in the middle of a field” issues, that is another matter WG will address
– the “vanishing tanks in the middle of the field” will be fixed by the following principle: currently, a tank shoots, gets spotted due to camo penalty for shooting, but when that penalty wears off, its camo is improved and the tank disappears. In the future, the penalty will not wear off until the vehicle leaves enemy viewrange zone
– developers are “discussing furiously” the option of reducing the viewrange only when the tank is camping in bushes
– various viewrange sectors (SS: a tank would see forward further than to the sides) would be hard for players to understand and it would be very expensive server resource-wise

Oh yea and another look at the reward camo for CW campaign 3

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