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– Q: “Why are we forced to get the lower tanks before we can get the Object 260?” A: “How forced? If you don’t want to – don’t play personal missions.”
– Storm states that he considers the current (9.5 CT2) way the personal missions work to be “better for WoT in long-term perspective”
– Evilly (for RU server) states that Grosstraktor and T-34-85M are being sold only currently, it’s possible they will never be sold ever again (SS: yeeeeeeeeea right, remember KV-220…)
– Evilly hopes that the FV4202 mission (premium FV4202 “for free”) will come in first quarter of 2015, the replacement (Action X Centurion) is not modelled yet
– Evilly doesn’t consider it a problem that RU players guessed the marathon tank (WZ-111) correctly in advance (SS: damn right, these things SHOULD be known in advance – surprise my ass)
– apparently, the WZ-111 is quite popular on Chinese server – second place after the IS-6 amongst the heavies
– Storm confirms that the individual missions in CT2 are NOT final – the number requirements will be reworked and 10 mission parameters, that would have negative impact on gameplay will be reworked as well
– the platoon missions will stay in the individual missions
– Storm explaining how the individual missions idea started:

“The idea of IM’s was born after the introduction of CW reward tier 10′s, when there was a massive butthurt along the lines of ‘let me get these tanks somehow’. There were many proposals such as ‘give us these tanks if we have all the tanks in the game unlocked’, they will remain rare and unique’ and so on. We decided to make it easier.”

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