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– Q: “RU251 and ELC guny look roughly the same, have the same caliber and about the same size, but one gun’s shells fly slower, why?” A: “Gun performance does not depend on their appearance”
– Storm states that while spotting mechanisms didn’t change in the past, various vehicles’ camo coefficients did
– the leaked Steyr WT model turret is bugged, it’s too low
– developers will further work on larger maps and will try to solve all issues with them
– Storm confirms that in the future, the MM will not only take tier and such in account, but also the role of the tank
– people, who are balancing tanks, are playing a lot
– Q: “If Maus is doing fine statistically, why are players whining to buff it all the time?” A: “Because it’s slow. Slow vehicles are always making people complain, especially unicums”

– Storm admits that the British tree as a whole is unpopular, despite having some very successful vehicles
– Maus speed will not be buffed unhistorically
– E-100 has generally worse armor than Maus
– new anti-aliasing will be implemented in the future (no ETA)
– Storm stated earlier that some tier 10 very high pen guns will have their penetration nerfed. This concerns gold ammo as well.
– Storm’s advice when facing series of the same maps over and over: “switching to another server should help”
– HD models of artillery will not come anytime soon
– some player insisted that WoT should run with Dx12, because according to some article, Dx12 assures higher FPS. Storm replied that he has seen the article and it’s just PR (advertisement)
– a player is complaining that after the viewrange nerf, Dicker Max and FCM TD kept their long viewrange and are now imbalanced. Storm states that they are unfortunately premiums and cannot be nerfed
– VK4502B is getting removed, because it’s basically made up (SS: the armor is and some of its configurations) and WG wants to “move away from made up vehicles”
– Storm confirms that some old premium tanks will be removed from the store
– according to Storm, the income situation on tier 8 used to be much worse, so it’s not true that tier 8 players are suffering more than they did before
– transferring the tank model to HD does not always imply an armor nerf, but it implies making the armor model more accurate. Something becomes thicker, something becomes thinner, depends on each tank.
– regarding the effects of 9.6 accuracy nerf: “its effect has to be analyzed on a large number of players” (SS: I love being a guinea pig)
– Storm did monitor the situation and so far, the “damage dealt” parameter overall (on all tanks) dropped by 1 percent, which is within tolerance. The situation will be further monitored.
– after 9.6 accuracy nerf, arty stats will be monitored as well, very carefully
– VK4502A will not be renamed after the VK4502B is removed
– developers are considering how to deal with more and more cheating mods, but for now, nothing can be said
– it is not sure, that AMX-13/75 will be buffed in 9.7, the best ETA is “later”
– the transmission/engine split will only come for the rest of the tanks, when the vehicles are reworked to HD
– M4A3E8 Fury has bugged transmission/engine model (transmission causes fires), it will be fixed in the future
– Storm reacts on claims that other games (Armored Warfare, War Thunder) have better engines and that nothing is stopping WG to transfer the game to a better engine:

“What is stopping us is that contemporary engines have worse results on really bad computers than even current BigWorld. What is also stopping us is that developing a game for a new engine would take 2-3 years. We will use this time to modernize our engine. AW and WT are calculating a part of the gameplay on the client side, that’s why they are less dependant on connection quality. That’s not an engine thing. We cannot afford that due to the scale of our project.”

– both Chieftain and Action X (replacing FV4202 and FV215b) will come together in one patch
– Chieftain armor was already measured: “it’s not like T110E5″
– Chieftain model is not ready yet
– bot turret consumables for stronghold (“bunkers”) will be implemented, they are being tested by now
– one man training rooms will not be implemented, as it might significantly influence server performance (load). It was considered and rejected.

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