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– Storm confirms that new vehicle renders that appear on WG pages are not made using regular game settings, they are using higher texture resolution and different lighting system (players were complaining that WG is scamming people by showing off renders while the game looks much worse)
– 0.10 Jagdpanther II has screwed frontal superstructure armor, there is a massive 30mm armor weakspot there:

– According to WG statistics, 2 Vatican citizens are playing World of Tanks.

Had to laugh at this last one… just imagining 2 priests distributing blessings in the game with purified holy HESH!  “Ameno”

And couldn’t resist to post this today:

Don't you worry World of Tanks players, I'm fixing the Chieftain for Wargaming!

Posted by Rita Gamer on Segunda-feira, 12 de Outubro de 2015

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