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A lot more going on today:

-While it’s theoretically possible to generate objects on random spots in Bigworld (for example randomized bush placement), it won’t be done due to map balance issues;
-Average time of battle is 7 minutes, although it varies from tier to tier. In last 6 months, it hasn’t changed much (RG: As long it’s not a tier 10 battle, those take almost the entire time and often end in draw);
-The option to “crush” a tank by ramming it into a solid object (house, wall) will not be added;
-Apparently the T95 specifically will not be buffed in order to compensate for its poor mobility on WoT hilly maps;

-There are no plans to compensate players for the accuracy nerf of premium vehicles (“we might as well compensate for removing their favorite camping spots on maps”)
-All tanks or at least classes having the same view-range would be “boring”;
-The goal of Super Pershing HD rework: “we are trying not to change the armor”;
-Firepower-wise, LT7 and LT8 vehicles are much like MT7 and MT8, “only the MM spread is different”;
-Developers are working on making the classes more diverse;
-After the TD viewrange nerf, the nerfed vehicles now do less damage with their own spotting, but overall their damage output was not reduced;
-Q: “There are too few brawler tanks!” A: “Play more brawler tanks then.”;
-Q: “What am I supposed to do with long range support vehicles on maps that force me to brawl?” A: “Be inventive :)”;
-Individual missions did not reduce the average battle time significantly (RG: “significantly”)
-Soviet light tanks are doing very well statistically, maybe too well;
-There are plans to add a spotting point to the end of the gun barrel (RG: No more bush hugging!)
-Regarding spotting points on your vehicle, nothing changed recently;
– MM doesn’t take into account whether you just played the map it puts you on or not (RG: It should, pretty I’m not the only one that has the same map three time in a row once in awhile).

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