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Here it is:

– Storm states that it’s not as simple as it looks to release “similar” models together in HD (Pershing and Super Pershing etc.)
– Storm confirms that Chinese vehicles are not in priority for HD (one of the reasons is that the majority of Chinese market is playing on crappy computers). The only exception are premium tanks.
– Storm is not aware of any possible T-34-3 and 112 buffs;
– There are plans to rework the WoT engine to work better on higher resolutions but “no comment”
– Apparently, Storm had old info: the problem with microlags (one of them at least) is actually known and will be fixed in one of the upcoming patches;
– Super Pershing will not get a gun buff, but there are plans for buff to its frontal armor
– 9.8 date: “when it’s done it’s done”;
– Storm personally has no info on Japanese tank destroyers (won’t answer questions about them).

And as usual for the short days:


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