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Apparently the Stalingrad map has a nasty bug, where certain heaps of rubble are visible from only one side and they don’t stop shells. It can be seen on this photo – from the player’s position, you can see the heap clearly, but when the deathcam switched to the tank that destroyed the player (the player is the white body slightly under the central crosshair), you can see that the heap is missing. This bug will be fixed.

Due to the enormous amount of bugs in 9.4, Storm created a special topic for bug feedback (it’s RU specific, so it’s pointless to post your bug reports under this thread). Storm states that when it comes to alleged equipment installation bug (it apparently gets removed under certain conditions), this bug was not confirmed during testing on a clean client.

– there will be a micropatch soon (between 9.4 and 9.5), fixing some of the worst issues, specifically the enemy seeing your chat channel during special battles (CW), the lagging (freezing) minimap markers, the jumping serverside aim circle and the damage from slightly touching the allies (altogether 10-15 bugs will be fixed)
– the M53/M55 collision model bug was already fixed by WG on their side
– Storm spends 25-50 percent of his free time at home reading Russian WoT forums and LJ pages
– the bug, where entering a battle in Stronghold mode gets you stucked on the “loading wheel” is known and will be fixed
– in team battles, voicechat is also bugged (both sides can hear it), will be fixed
– Storm states that Windows XP users getting stucked on loading screen might be caused by mods
– earlier, the ramming system did not work properly, the 9.4 change was in fact a fix. Storm states that the players, who want the old system back just got used to the old, bad one.
– the reload timer lagging on autoloader tanks is caused by faulty mods
– the general viewrange nerf WILL include premium tanks as well
– until the alpha stage of the game, the viewrange sectors were actually split (the vehicle saw more forward than it saw to its sides), but the developers decided not to do it due to the fact that the viewrange felt somewhat random
– the changes planned for the entire TD class are not really a nerf, more like a rebalance. More variants will be tested.
– Storm states that Veider’s statement about “rock-paper-scissors” was a mistake: “He expressed himself incorrectly. We are thinking about the roles of tanks, each of them will be interesting in its own way. That doesn’t necesserily mean that the tank class and its role have to match.”

Storm on the (negative) reactions on the viewrange nerf:

“Dear idiots! Butthurt from a set test numbers we are using in order to answer some questions, yea, that’s really smart. Before you start writing shit, stop, start thinking and better not write anything. In worst case, post pictures with girls and kittens.”

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