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Here it is:

– Both the IS-6 and the KV-5 will come in HD soon
– IS-6 will not get full MM
– There will be changes to IS-6 armor, but only small ones
– Storm hasn’t seen HD models of E-75 and VK7201 yet
– WZ-111 in HD in 10.1? “No promises”
– It’s too early to tell when exactly the new motion physics system and new sounds come (some WG guy at Igromir – Moscow game expo – said that it would be a couple of weeks after 10.0 but this is apparently not certain)
– Regular 10.0 test? “When it’s done it’s done, for now we are fixing bugs”
– T110E5 buff? “For now we are analyzing statistics”
– In one of the upcoming patches the skyboxes will be completely overhauled and the lighting system will be modified for the new engine

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