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Evilly confirms: in 9.8, current platoon individual missions missions will be soloable (the same conditions as for platoons but if you are good enough, you can solo them). Missions that are RNG dependent will be reduced as well, the only one that will stay will be the one where you have to set enemy tanks on fire. Other missions will be simplified.

– IS-3, Pershing and AMX-50/100  will not come in HD in 9.7 despite the fact that the patch will come out after WGL finals;
– The fact that you can’t complete the following individual mission without receiving the reward for the previous one is intentional, not a bug;
– Storm will not buy or play GTA5: “I don’t play games where I am the bad guy. Seriously.”
– Chris Taylor is hard at work on “something” for Wargaming – no details;
– Smoothbore guns and modern tanks in WoT? Storm: “I cannot answer that. For obvious reasons.”
– Storm confirms that the upcoming renders of HD tanks for PR purposes will use the same texture quality as in the game;
– Super Pershing 90mm gun will not get a penetration buff;
– Super Pershing in HD will come in 9.8;
– The list of individual mission changes will be published around the time of 9.8 supertest;
– The individual mission overhaul in 9.8 will include various fixes as well, not just changes.

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