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You might have noticed that lately (in the T 40 case, the Mi-To 100 and the Mi-To 150) there were no exact statistics leaked. Well, that’s because the screenshots were usually taken in the Tank Inspector and it stopped working in the latest build (either due to the face that WG formally introduced a new nation or because some internal mechanism was changed enough to affect the viewer). The screenies and the preliminary info were “leaked” by Wargaming itself (leaks are not considered an issue for a long time now, it’s free advertising). Statistics will be likely available after the developers of Tank Inspector update their tool to work with the latest version of World of Tanks.

– Individual mission status is not saved while you are in battle: if the server crashes during your battle but after you already completed the mission in that battle, you will have to do it again;
– In theory it’s possible for the KV-2 derp gun to penetrate IS-6 armor (lower frontal plate, gold ammo) but it is unlikely;
– It’s possible to complete the SPG15 personal mission and not get it as completed: the problem is that WG doesn’t count bonus experience for courageous resistance into individual mission requirements;
– Some mods in 9.8 display incorrect damage values, causing players to see their tank as heavily damaged when in fact it was damaged only lightly, players are advised to actually update all the mods they are using to latest version;
– the KV-3 has two engines that have seemingly the same stats (600hp, 15 percent fire chance and 750kg weight). The difference is that the later engine (V-2Is) has more hitpoints and as such is harder to damage.;
– There is currently no info on how it will be possible to get the BT-7A light tank;
– There are no plans to sell E-25 again;
– It’s “completely possible” WG will introduce female voiceover for female crewmembers;
– It’s possible that the Super Pershing turret spaced armor is still wrong in WoT, developers know about the issue.

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