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Check out Listy’s article on British demolition tank!

– platoon requirement will not be removed from individual missions
– lowtier tanks will have the transmission split from the engine (as the hightiers did) as well
– developers are not considering implementing the option to buy premium account for X amount of battles (SS: as in, buying premium account for exactly 100 battles and such)
– developers are not considering adding the option to “freeze” your premium account (when you are not playing) either
– next year will bring several “fun” events (like Karl, football and races), one will come “very soon” (SS: the “8bit” one with three tanks leaked earlier)
– developers are considering adding bonuses for getting the barrel rings/stars for average damage, for example for one star, you get +2 percent to XP bonus, for two stars it’s +5 percent and for three it’s +10 percent to XP. This is however only an example – no guarantees it will be exactly so, but yes, the mechanism will be developed further
– developers are working on a special “light” client for bad computers, resembling something like the “WoT Tweaker” application, Evilly confirms that yes, there will a special “reduced” client for weak computers
– apparently, when the “infected replays” issue was posted on RU server, it was still possible to upload infected replays to wotreplays.eu (specifically, the EU server). Evilly will investigate whether it was fixed.

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