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– Dx11 support in WoT and when? “no comment”
– The bug in Domination mode where after a vehicle is destroyed its name appears on other selected tanks will be fixed in 0.9.13

– For now there are no plans for more British premium tanks
– Personal mission fixes will be released very soon, but Object 260 missions will not be changed for now
– Developers are saying that the roadwheel behaviour in WoT is realistic
 Player comments on that:

– New motion physics will be introduced to the game – with some modifications and fixes
– New sounds will be introduced also with some fixes, it will be possible to rev the engine and there will be gear shifting transmission sounds
– It’s completely fine when modules get destroyed even from non-penetrating HE hits, the only thing that doesn’t crit modules is splash
– It is not possible to display which tank was the first one to acquire a medal
– There will not be any skill MM in WoT
– If a player rigged battles, obtained the T-22sr, played a battle with it and then lost it as punishment for rigging, it will still appear in tank statistics as a played tank

“How you know the e5 is OP” by _Devils_

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