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– Storm confirms: the Super Pershing HD model that was used in 9.7 testing is not final because it is not correct (specifically, the additional plate angles are not). The finalized version will be available in 9.8. The frontal armor will be buffed (especially due to more favorable angles of the spaced armor plates);
– The fact that you can’t bind some keys to various functions in WoT is “old Bigworld issue”, developers simply didn’t have the time to fix that;
– SU-26 will not have its old elite gun returned, it will be buffed only slightly;
– The model where gun damage doesn’t depend on gun’s caliber but on its tier only was not even considered;
– Storm does not have a VK account (so any VK posts by him are fake) and is not responsible for various PR events (or bonus codes);
– Wargaming is currently reworking artillery by testing “four additional artillery game mechanics” (not sure what makes it to the game);
– SerB is fine, he is not talking about WoT much anymore because he oversees ALL the Wargaming projects;
– The HD IS-4 armor is fine, was not nerfed: the frontal armor angle changed by only like half a degree, the roof weakspot got 20 percent smaller (surface-wise), the hole behind the mantlet got smaller;
– Putting is a new HD model into a patch is quite difficult. In 9.7 test, the testing department was overloaded by finding and fixing the bugs in the new Big World version;
– WoT has “completely different” audience than GTA 5 according to Storm;
– Storm on how good AAA projects look (specifically GTA 5): “There’s nothing new innovation- and idea-wise. It’s simply well done, as far as I could see. That’s the power of good projects – they don’t have to be especially innovative, they have to be well made.”
– There is currently no progress on “map matchmaker” (that would not put you 10 times on the same map in a row) – “nothing for now, there will be fixes but not soon”;
– Some players calculated that with current rework speed, it will take WG five years to rework all the vehicles to HD. Storm states that it will be faster;
– If you completed any individual mission before the 9.8 changes, you will still have them completed. If you did not, you will still have them incomplete even if you previously completed the conditions for the new “easier” version;
– The individual mission where you have to scout and your platoon mates do the damage will be changed.

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