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– a shell in the game is represented by a single point, not an object. As such, a shell can pass through holes, that are smaller than its caliber
– developers are still thinking what to do with T-44-85
– it’s possible T-34-85M will be “available before the end of the year” – it depends on whether it’s “ready” (to be released)
– developers will not disclose the internal tank module layout (the way it is in War Thunder), there will however be an “armor inspector”
– ammo rack damage (SS: as in the possibility to damage ammo racks) will not be removed from the game
– some guns have “wrong” damage (inconsistent with other guns of its caliber)? “We will definitely fix that, as soon as we recieve the data on historical damage value these guns had”
– a player claimed that certain tanks have higher chance to get certain maps and gave “Chaffee” and “Stalingrad” as an example, Yurko2F stated this is not true for the tanks the player gave as an example
– the fact that Porsche heavy tank tracks have thicker armor than the Henschel ones is “compensated by other characteristics”
– Storm admits that the ramming system is screwed. It will be reworked and simplified by removing the fact that the armor calculated currently during the ramming is the one at the point of contact. Instead, the armor considered when ramming will simply be the nominal armor, taken from the tank characteristics (nominal front/side/rear armor) on the side that rammed (or got rammed).
– T-44 in HD? “When it’s done it’s done”

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