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Oh, it looks like Wargaming is trying to shut down leakers. Again. A great initiative to remove them once for all, that includes – surprise – “blogs spreading leaks”. Guess who they mean. Heh.

– 9.5 test 2 individual missions are not definitive, they are still being set up
– platoon requirement for IM’s is not going to be removed
– Storm can’t comment on Russian premium shop prices
– Q: “IM’s suck” A: “And not playing them is not an option?”
– according to Storm, the Panther 88 mobility is worse than the one of Panther II. When confronted with the stats (hull traverse, terrain resistance), Storm stated that the system is more complicated than that
– the 9.5 minimap enemy tank names will be made a bit brighter
– in the test, IM’s are bugged (you can fulfill “platoon missions” only as a solo player), this will be fixed
– it’s possible that the ramming will be bugged, it will be checked
– Storm confirms that Kaspersky antivirus can cause 5-10 second freezes in the game. Removing it will fix them. WG is already working with Kaspersky on it
– Storm, reacting on some idiot accusing him of not understanding the game since he doesn’t have that many battles: “How many times do I have to repeat that we have enough people, who play the game 24/7? Only in my office there are several people sitting around me, each with over 30k battles. I do have people I can ask regarding various game questions.”
– “light” version of the client: “no exact ETA – when it’s done it’s done”
– British tier 5-7 TD’s have the same guns, because “we haven’t found any other fitting ones”

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