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Developers decided NOT to implement the penetration nerf in 9.7. It will come together with gold ammo nerf in one of the upcoming patches.

– Separating newbies from experienced players on lower tiers does not mean that experienced players will end up on top of their teams less;
– The above mentioned segregation is active no matter what vehicle do the experienced players drive;
– According to Storm the Jpz E-100 173mm gun penetration is historical;
– For now, received XP buff for arties is not being considered (related to the fact that earlier there was a piece of news that the artillery might get more XP per kill);
– The hissing sound HEAT shells make upon impact is not historical, it’s there for players to realize they were hit by a HEAT shell;
– WG doens’t have the option to release many things by mini-patches (they have to wait on big ones most of the time, mini-patches are reserved for critical issues);
– Storm checked and apparently the lower front plate of HD E-100 and Jpz E-100 is correct (cca 49 degrees);
– AMX-30 gun lengths are correct;
– The rule that premium tanks have worse stats than regular ones is still in effect (RG: And keep it that way);
– In the future, vehicle renders for PR purposes will be made from in-game hangar so players don’t feel cheated that the vehicle on WG renders looks awesome and in the battle looks worse;
– Earlier, Storm announced that the matchmaker will be reworked for new version. Current state however is that this change will either not come at all or in very distant future as the person dealing with MM is very busy;
– 9.7 will apparently bring “new Soviet premium” (probably T-54 Model 1945);
– Storm confirms that WG will not re-introduce ultra-HD texture pack;
– For the purposes of nerfing, CW tanks (M60 and Object 907) do not count as premium vehicles (they can be nerfed freely);
– Historically, Super Pershing was “tilted forward” due to the weight of additional armor (stressing the frontal suspension greatly). In the game, the devs decided not to do this because it would make the upper frontal plate angle worse than it was;
– HD Super Pershing has wrong turret additional armor size, it will be fixed;
– Regarding the UFP additional armor angle of Super Pershing, there was a longer discussion, the result was inconclusive – some WG developers do not believe photos of the vehicle (blaming apparently perspective) and are sticking strictly to angles written in documents;
– Developers are currently discussing removing the North-West map from the game completely (RG: it’s possible that this will happen even in 9.7).

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