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The major news today is Storm getting tired/pissed with players constantly whining. He decided to stop giving any answers at all through the usual channels. However, to be fair, he made also a poll to find out whether players want more answers the same way as until now or not. So far, 62 percent are in favor of current answer system, 14 percent are mostly satisfied, 12 percent are not happy with vague answers and would prefer Storm to not write if he can’t be concrete and 12 percent don’t want him to write anything at all anymore. In the comments of the said post however, Storm continued to answer the same way and seems happy to do so. (RG: Storm, That’s just the way it is)

– KV-4 isn’t imbalanced because it has full MM – if it had limited MM, it would be;
– Q: “Return SerB and Zlobny to development!” A: “I cannot say anything. Too internal info.”
– the perk/skill overhaul is not concrete yet, developers are simply thinking about various options;
– T-54 prototype will not be buffed;
– Storm admits he plays only very little;
– Storm reads practically all the Russian feedback posted on Livejournal;
– Storm states he would love to answer more questions where he knows the answers but he cannot (is not allowed to);
– According to Storm the current MM weight system with 10 percent tolerance (difference between teams) has issues that need to be fixed;
– The post-battle info is bugged, the system doesn’t transfer correctly the data about who killed what tank, it will be fixed. The type of battle will return as well (will replace the 9.8 version with the pre-9.8);
– The time limit between feedback and reaction to it (for example adding features) is 3 months at least (unless it’s a bug);
– Interface issues fixes will be implemented in 9.9;
– Improved anti aliasing and a large pack of optimization will come in 9.9;
– The new anti-aliasing will be “the same as in the Witcher” (modified TXAA, it doesn’t eat a lot of FPS but improves the picture nicely);
– The most pressing issues of personal missions were already fixed, now the further PM development is pushed back a bit by other tasks;
– Storm reacting on a player saying that he moved to War Thunder: “It’s good that there’s a choice. I am serious.”
– Swamp will be fixed/removed in 9.9;
– The Domination mode will be developed in the future further and it will come in other forms, Storm cannot however say what forms;
– Developers are currently satisfied with personal missions status, there are currently no plans to develop them further.

And some info about Xbox One WoT:

– The Xbox version was installed more than 5 million times;
– Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will play on one server together;
– Both consoles will share progress, tied to Xbox Live;
– There will be 4K support.

And the daily, oh dear, “A Dude” made this today:

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