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First, a small correction – remember the Dicker Max individual mission post? It turns out that you get the Dicker Max after completing the previous missions, not straight away. I apologize for the mistake.

– Q: “Everybody knows that in 9.5, tanks will get a viewrange nerf…” A (Storm): “Everybody knows, only I don’t know anything.”
– apparently, IS-7 and IS-8 rear side armor are historical (they have correct shape)
– SerB confirms that it’s possible for a shell to pass through a hole, that is smaller than its caliber in WoT, but: “Probability of that is somewhere around 1 to 100k – we are ignoring that and will continue to ignore that.”
– Q: “Why do you want to nerf the viewrange of 300 vehicles for the sake of 5 tier 8 LT’s? It’s connected to the “war on TD’s” and bad arty nerf. I propose: reduce team size to 12, hardcap arty to 2 per side and take half of their shells away!” A: “Game design by players sucks. Instead of fixing the respective parameter you propose to change the general game rules, after you bash us for making too big changes. Logic, logic everywhere.” (SS: the translation of the answer here is not literal, for example the first sentence is actually a quote, that makes little sense in English. Was trying to keep the point SerB made instead.)
– T-44-85 and T-34-85M in the game? “When it’s done it’s done.”
– Coated optics is active all the time, not only when the vehicle is moving
– Q: “Enough with the “improving” of team battles!” A: “Well, that’s up to you whether you have enough or not. Noone is keeping you here.”

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