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– Storm confirms that the impossibility to complete Individual Missions in platoons is a bug in the test, it will be fixed
– Storm states that the situation where even very powerful computers run WoT at under 50 FPS is caused by the lack of optimization – many of those bottlenecks are being fixed currently
– according to Storm, it’s not possible to have icons always appearing over the tank names in the 9.5 minimap, as this solution reduces the performance of the minimap. This is how it currently looks in 9.5 test 2:

– (related to the above) WG was forced to abandon the solution XVM uses currently for technical reasons
– Storm confirms that some individual missions will still be reworked, but the platoon requirement for some will stay (SS: people are asking over and over)
– Mittengard is a newbie-only map, experienced players driving lowtier tanks (pedobears) will not be allowed to play it (this will be implemented via a new special MM rule)

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