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Here it is:

– It was not decided yet whether limited MM premium vehicles will be removed from the stores or not (RG: Apart from fail platoon I don’t see a reason why they should, would instead prefer seeing the matchmaker range of each tank being shown in the game, makes no sense that have to install a mod for that);
– Individual mission choices do not influence what map are you going to get (some player was complaining that he now gets only city maps with light tanks);
– View range TD and arty nerfs are not connected to the change of render range from square to a circle;
– There are no historical reasons why TD’s should have more view range than tanks;
– It’s a well known fact that visual model has four quality versions (levels of detail) depending on the view range, the collision model however does not change with distance;
– Q: “The only purpose of the penetration nerf is to make people shoot with gold ammo!” A: “We removed it, so you can breathe easy now. Stop writing crap.”;
– Potential damage (damage stopped by armor) doesn’t count HE shells in its calculations;
– Apparently, the Cromwell Berlin has a wrong visual gun model and the IS-2 Berlin has wrong description. It will be fixed;
– New UI is being worked on;
– Not only penetration nerf was scrapped in 9.7 – all the other “compensation” buffs (like the accuracy on the move for several medium tanks) were cancelled as well;
– HD Type 59 will not come in 9.8;
– Storm confirms: South Coast, Sacred Valley and Hidden Village are candidates for removal from the game;
– The IS-3 in HD post was made earlier (the HD model will come in 9.8) because “many players waited for it”;
– It’s possible that HD model of King Tiger will come relatively soon;
– Developers confirm: the frontal plate angles of HD model of IS-3 are a bit different than in real life due to the technology used;

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