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Please note that the 9.4 Common Test was postponed till tomorrow.

– Q: “If you knock out the engine of enemy tank and someone else kills it, why don’t you get the same additional XP bonus as when you detrack it?” A (SerB): “Misha (Storm), I told you, they will never be satisfied. Let’s cancel the XP bonus for detracks.”
– M41 Walker Bulldog will not be nerfed for now
– HE shells (SS: specifically, artillery) will not have their damage cut to half (while compensated by more damage doing non-penetrating hits), according to Storm it would be unrealistic
– new Murovanka was actually the first experiment to increase the size of all smaller maps to 1000×1000
– Storm states that 9.4 will bring optimization, in some cases pretty significant one
– Stalingrad will be introduced without Havok first, apparently in 9.4 also (SS: funny, the patchnotes on German forums didn’t mention that, it’s not confirmed yet)
– the “double base” assault will be exclusively in team battles
– map filter (selecting which map you (don’t) want to play) is not planned for now

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