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– Storm states that the new ramming mechanism was introduced in 9.4, because “the old one was very badly bugged”
– Storm confirms that the mission to get the Object 260 will be multi-stage and it will be very difficult to get it
– a lot of players (even on EU server) reported a garage bug, where the camera suddenly zooms out very far, Storm states he knows about it, it will be fixed
– Soviet tier 8 premium medium T-54 Model 1945 will come next year
– Havok: “when it’s done it’s done”
– it will be possible to get all three IM reward tanks (Object 260, T55A and T28 Concept) on your account
– Char B1 in the game doesn’t use the hull howitzer, because it was aimed only by moving the entire vehicle (it has 0 traverse)
– Q: “French tanks of tier 1-4 suck” A (SerB): “Don’t play French tier 1-4 tanks”
– apparently, EU servers were DDOSed recently, Storm is investigating the situation
– Q: “I have a SSD. Loading battles is fine, but whenever I quit the battle, it takes very long time for the results to load (I am stuck on “spinning wheel”), why is that? A friend of mine has a regular HDD and he has no such issues.” A (Storm): “It’s a problem with connection. After the fight is over, a large volume of data with battle statistics is transferred. And it’s this data pack that the game is waiting on until it arrives. If you have packet loss, it’s possible to wait for it for a long time, until all the info is confirmed to have arrived.”
– Storm on various Russian “experts” whining about upcoming new tank motion physics: “A country of natural born experts. Sometimes they produce Boeing photos out of nowhere, sometimes they telepathically evaluate the physics at long distance. Why aren’t we colonizing Mars with such people?”
– apparently, to replace the effect of terrain resistance (and to justify some tanks moving slower with the same horsepower), a new parameter will be introduced in the new motion physics: “loss of horsepower in transmission and drivetrain”.
– no ETA on new motion physics test for now

SerB on player feedback: “Everything you can propose to us was already considered a long time ago and either it was scrapped (99,9 percent) or is in the queue, waiting to be implemented (0,1 percent). And so with the game growing grows mainly the amount of old stuff and crap, sorry. ‘The population grows, but the sum of all intellect remains unchanged’”

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