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It’s possiblet that in the end, the 9.5 patch comes on 22nd of December instead of 23rd – connected to the E-25 removal. Just a theory though, in effect it’s one of those two days. Makes no difference.

– Yurko2F (developer) states that the statement “increasing the viewrange over 500 meters on your vehicle using equipment works fine, it allows you to spot an enemy faster” is correct
– Q: “Why not have the individual missions work automatically without having to accept the mission manually?” A: “And it would be even better, if the past battles counted as well, yes? I’d just start the game and all the missions would just get completed.”
– vehicle buffs and nerfs happen “when necessery”
– some player claimed that whenever he has a longer break from WoT, when he returns he always ends up on the top of the team – according to developers, this is just conspiracy theory, there’s no such feature
– shell types in your ammo rack have no influence on the probability of your ammo rack explosion, they however DO influence the power of the explosion – specifically, HE and HESH shells explode more, so the turret, ripped off by the explosion, flies further
– according to Storm, “a lot of” features for solo random players are planned
– there is no official estimate of how much current optimization works (“removing the bottlenecks”) will improve performance of WoT on good computers
– the only thing Storm says about the falling ruble situation: “it’s a complicated question”

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