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– currently there are no plans for tier 10 light tanks
– T34 (premium) will not be rebalanced
– 0.9.6 accuracy change did not bring significant change in the percentage of penetrating shots in the game
– platoon missions to be removed from IM’s? “I cannot say anything yet”, later on however Storm states they will stay
– the physics test ETA is the end of February or March
– the amount of HD models in 9.7 is “less than 20″ (and these models include also the new French HD tanks, so it’s more like 15 reworked HD models)
– developers do have a list of models sorted by HD priority, but in the end, the models are not released in this order anyway, they are rather released “when they are ready”
– the changes to IM’s in the future will include bug fixes and changing those missions that “interfere with team gameplay”

– 9.7 itself will not be delay because of e-sports
– Leopard 1 lost less than 0,5 percent of accuracy after 0.9.6
– what are the “viewrange and other system things” mentioned to be reworked by Storm after 9.7? “No comment for now”
– Storm states that when he said that some guns now do 2 percent less damage after 0.9.6 accuracy nerf, this concerns the least accurate artillery guns, Storm does not consider this a serious drop of vehicle performance
– developers are thinking about the artillery concept as a whole, but haven’t for now
– 2-arty-per-team hardcap will not be implemented, this was discussed already in 8.6
– the changes in Bigworld in 9.7 will mostly be internal. Wargaming expects performance increase from it (maybe even significant), but they haven’t tested it yet, so “no promises”
– the abovementioned performance increase would be the result of “many small system optimizations”
– the Bigworld upgrade however does not mean that the “twitching” of icons beyond your viewrange on minimap will stop
– developers are still thinking (discussing) whether the 2 percent drop in damage done after 0.9.6 warrants another accuracy change
– “old” pre-nerf (very old) HE system will not be returned
– HE shells will apparently not have realistic shockwave behavior (sort of “flowing” into open topped tanks for example) due to issues with inconsistent performance (SS: as in, the results would be uncomprehensible for players)
– Storm comments on Armored Warfare feature of “hitting vehicle-critical area deals additional damage, hitting non-critical areas like rangefinders deals 50 percent less damage”: “this would produce too random shooting results when firing at longer distances – at a “silhouette””
– after 0.9.9, it’s completely possible patches will be numbered like 0.9.10, 0.9.11 etc.
– Q: “Open topped TD’s suck – they get discovered when firing quickly, they have no armor and now they have less viewrange than heavies!” A: “It happens.”
– more than half of the work on the new motion physics was the effort to make it run on current WoT servers (so they aren’t “overloaded”)
– new motion physics completely eliminate the issue, where the tank, going close to a wall (rock) gets “stuck” on some tiny piece of the object and moves only very slowly or not at all
– individual missions will not go away, there is no time limit to complete them
– new set of individual missions (new reward tanks) will not come soon, possibly even next year
– RNG will not be reduced from 25 to 10, not even for esports
– new render range (circle) will be cca 564 meter radius (a circle of 1km2 surface)
– the new individual mission changes for 9.7 are not ready yet, it’s not yet clear whether the mission to destroy 3 enemy tanks with one shot will disappear
– XP buff for arty (so it gets as much XP as if it wasn’t firing by someone else’s spotting) was not discussed yet
– servers are being constantly upgraded
– Dicker Max will not have its 400 meter viewrange nerfed
– a player wishes all historical WW2 vehicles to be in HD by May. Storm states that unfortunately that will not happen.
– in both simplified and full motion physics (see previous post), a handbrake turn (“police turn”) will be possible
– 9.7 will not bring multiturret mechanism
– ramming mechanism will be reworked soon
– Object 263 will not be buffed for now
– PvE will come only in distant future
– new gun and engine sounds will come in medium future, same goes for new grass and tree render
– it’s possible but not sure that in distant futures, clouds will move like in WoWs
– it’s not sure whether the TD viewrange changes are final, developers will watch statistics
– it’s possible Japanese heavies will come in 2015
– developers know about the “7/55″ TB exploit, it will be fixed and those who used it will be punished

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